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One of the most important differences between our system and every other business credit building systems is the cash funding your business has access to, and how fast you receive it.

You will love building business credit and limiting your personal liability.

Our Finance Suite is the only system in the world that combines both business credit building and the acquisition of cash funding to insure you can get more money quickly for your business, even with personal credit challenges.

In Step 2 you will complete your funding application by answering questions relating to your business assets and collateral. Once you complete this step, your full application is then cross-checked with thousands of lenders’ underwriting guidelines and you are pre-qualified for a massive abundance of funding programs including credit lines and loans.

In this step you have access to thousands of different lenders, hundreds of direct finance sources, and millions-of-dollars in funding and business credit for your business.

You can qualify for merchant advanced, purchase order and account receivable financing, equipment and auto vehicle leasing, inventory financing, unsecure credit lines, SBA loans up to 12 million, and much more. We even provide access to a credible company to help you create your business plan if you need one.

Plus many funding programs are based on your business collateral, such as credit card sales or consistent revenue. This lending only looks at the strengths of your businesses, making it even easier to be approved.

The Finance Suite has money available for business owners with challenged personal credit, and even for brand new startup businesses. The Finance Suite offers cash funding as low as $5,000, and as high as 45 million dollars or more.

All together, the Finance Suite offers more funding sources and products than anywhere else. And you will have your own certified finance officer to help you navigate multiple funding options and help you get approved.

By offering such a large abundance of financing sources and products we give you, as business owners, the best chance of being approved and obtaining funding for your business.

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The Business Finance Suite is the most comprehensive finance solution in the world. Through your Finance Suite you can secure money for your business and then build a business credit profile and score for your business so you can be approved for even more money with no personal guarantee or credit check.

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Business FAQs

We are dedicated to helping you obtain money to grow your business whether you are a new startup business, existing business, or have good or bad personal credit. Below are some frequently asked questions about our Business Credit and Business Funding programs.

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